WHAT? not again!

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Ok, so it happened again!  Time has passed by so fast and I just realized its been MONTHS since I posted here.  So lets do some catching.

  • I am currently typing with one finger on my right hand and this is a bit awkward!  More on this…lol
  • My nephew and neice welcomed their awesome little bundle of joy into this crazy messed up world earlier this year… Little Carter!
  • my mom got really sick from her covid shot but is doing really well now.  A couple of my nephews got Covid and another niece, but all have recovered.  PHEW!
  • hubby and I both received our vaccines and are doing well.
  • both our boys bought their first homes.
  • Brenny is expecting to be a grannie within the next month!!!
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So basically that is it…lots of good stuff going on and very happy that we are all healthy .  Back to me typing with one finger…well… I got trigger finger and this nasty stuff called Dupuytren’s.  You can click on the link if you want to learn more about it.  The surgery was no fun, but I know the end results are worth it. I had this lump on the palm of my hand and it hurt everytime it got bumped…thought it was maybe a cyst.  That thought/hope rapidly disappeared when I saw what the dr removed…he showed me…and all I could say was…oh thats not a cyst!!!  But I knew there was a chance it was the other… its HIGHLY genetic and goes as far back as the Vikings.  I had no idea!  My mom has it and my gramps had it.. only makes sense that I would get it.  So far I am the only one out of 4 of us….but my  younger sister is having pain in her hands so it could be the beginning signs.  Anywhooo…

I took 2 weeks off to recover from this so, hubby and I decided to take a mini vacation.  Its been at least 2 years since we have done anything together.  He is currently unemployed but has been offered a job starting next month…so things are looking good.

I got the surgery on the 13th, we (meaning hubby) drove to the coast on the 15th and stayed at our favorite BNB for 3 nights.  It was a bit rough going with my hand having to be elevated and my fingers being all puffy. We still enjoyed being outside and walking all over the place.  Unfortunately we did not go to the botanical gardens.  It was packed….and you had to purchase tickets in advance.  We could have done it…but my hand told me not this time.  And my back was not quite happy either….another story but no need for that!


As you see, hand surgery didnt stop me from a little playtime!!! Its a bit awkward using my left hand to paint,  and brushing my teeth…weird…just weird!!!

finally cut my crazy covid hair…still crazy…but less wooly!!!LOL

Soooo.. today is a good day!  Sunny, the birds are out singing, my cats are happy we are home, hubby is playing his games on his ipad…yes, its my fault…he got my old ipad pro and i got a new one...and the ipad is more fun to play games on than his old kindle…LOL

So thats it for now… I can go on and on, but this has taken me like 2 hrs to type and correct and type and correct…you get what Im sayin!!!!

Thank you for listening to the blah blah blah and enjoy the rest of your day!


Wife, Sister, Mother, Friend, Artist, Creative, and an Assistive Technology Assistant!!! What the heck is that you say? I run an office where we have 2 awesome ATS who assist students with disabilities and we help give them a voice and an education!

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