A Warm Welcome to You!

I’m so happy that you’ve joined us.

I’m Christina Miles. I’m an artist with many crowns (hehehe) Today is the beginning of a new adventure which I am going to share with you so many artsy things which I have learned over the years. My mission is to expand your creative mind and soul, to understand there are no boundaries in creativity which can only embellish your dreams.

You have subscribed to i’m-perfection perfection and here is what you will get from us:

  • My inbox is sacred to me, and I hate to spend so much time there, and my goal is to keep yours that way too. I prefer to play on my off time.
  • Consider yourself a friend. You will always be on my mind, even if I don’t call (not that you will get any calls from me unless requested), or write often. You are still very important to me. In other words, I don’t send out a ton of emails. But when I do, some will be special deals on my classes or perhaps a giftie. 
  • Other emails are perhaps something new I just learned or maybe sharing a new toy I have found to create with!
  • Typically, when I have something to say, its exciting to me and I hope that excitement comes across to you when you finally hear from me! I do tend to write novels because of this. 😊
  • My ultimate promise to you, is I will never ever share your email or your name, and always treat you with respect as I know you would do the same to me!

As you may not know, I do have a partner in “creative crime”, Brenny, “The Word Whisperer” is what I like to call her now.  She and I are like 2 peas in a pod and yet we are opposites in many ways. If I can’t help you with an issue, she is sure to have the answer! She is what makes my mind go in all directions in a positive, creative way and has been my BFF for a very long time.  I would like you to welcome her as she will be assisting me from time to time and may comment on the blog or in the classrooms.

Done with the formalities, so lets get off our cell phones, put the kids to bed or tell them to go play…hehehehe…kick the husband (or wife) out with the cats or dogs…put on some thinking music, ABBA is my go to when I need to get the mind working!


NOTE: Please make sure you add me to your email, my business email tends to go into spam box…not sure why! You could miss out on something spectacular right?

welcome friends, sweet gentle souls, paired together by art
Garden of Wabi Sabi
together we create, distant horizons, kindred spirits

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