African Goddess WNS
2019,  Imperfection Perfection

Not Sure What To Name This, Any Ideas?

Yesterday I was playing around, well, actually it was Friday night…and I got lazy and was tired. So I gathered up some stuff to do a watercolor painting and set up my bed nice and cozy. I found this great photo on Pinterest and thought..hmm…lets see what I can do with this. The end results are not that great I must admit, but it was still fun to create even if it was in my bed. It was getting late and I couldnt keep my eyes open so I set it aside and snoozed until hubby came home from work. Yes, he is working really sucky hours right now..but only for a week!


You can tell I was not quite awake when I painted this first one…LOL..the head is not centered on the neck, her eyes are a little wonky…but I think she looks more like an African Goddess then the painting below.


Ahh, here head is aligned just right this time, she has beautiful lips in the makings


all the basic colors are down now, but I did mess up a little on the left eye.


I dont typically paint with watercolors, but I love them! I guess you either hate them or love them right? Even though it is less forgiving, you can make corrections or just change up what you started out with.


This is where I noticed she was looking a little like my sister in her younger days…she is still pretty even today!


I thought I would change the way I painted the headdress. I like this much better. I thought of putting it over here eyes, but then it really would have changed the look.



Now that it is complete, it actually resembles my younger sister even more. We have been talking a lot this weekend, texting, so perhaps she was on my mind the entire time of creating this painting. I think her nose is not quite wide enough and her skin color is not quite dark enough. Her eyes needed to be deeper in color too, but you know what? She is beautiful! I truly love how she turned out with the flaws and all…


PS…after talking with Brenny in NY, she suggested to make her skin darker to use chalk…and I did! I think this is absolutely perfect…she has darker eyes, darker skin tone and when I scanned her, for some reason all the colors seemed to better. I did scan her in as a TIFF and used a smaller dpi for this picture, and there is just a huge difference in colors. I didnt even need to do much of an edit in PS, just deepened the colors a tiny bit and maybe a little brighter. I typically scan my images as a JPG or PNG, but I think a TIFF is the way to go from now on. I know the files are going to be much larger, but the quality of the scan is superior. AND.. I got lucky…about a month ago, I bought the last 2 external hard drives…yup! 4 TB each…now thats some saving power right!!! They were on sale…and I saved over 150 bucks! Now I dont need to be quite as afraid of larger beautiful scans!

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