My Monet

This painting kind of made itself. I created an acrylic pour with not thought in mind. Just wanted to have a little fun and relaxation. After it dried, I…this is really pretty! I was doing some exploring online like I tend to do from time to time…and this painting of Monet showed up…and that’s when I knew what I was going to do with this painting. So I got to work…painted the flowers put in some grassy stuff. Then I decided to put resin on it. The first layer looked a little boring to me, so I added more umph to the flowers, added some shading, put in some streaks and put another layer of resin. It still lacked something so I added the copper dots for the centers of the flowers and metallic ink on top of the grassy stuff. That’s when I knew this painting was complete. 3 layers of resin with little addition of markings makes a huge difference. It added depth, more interest and is really not that thick or heavy with the resin. Each layer was thin, so the depth of the painting is not highly noticeable until you get up close and really look..

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