Merry Christmas Watercolor Tree
2019,  Imperfection Perfection

Merry Christmas!

UPDATE!! 7.11.20

OK my friends.  I had no idea this video was a mess.  I dont know what happened, but I was going through my posts and though I would review this one.  I started watching it and all of a came blaring on, my voice disappeared and it did some weird stuff.  I went to edit the video to correct it, and discovered that there was this glitch.  I know I can Adobe Premiere be glitchy???  I ended up uninstalling it completely, then reinstalled the software… It worked, no longer glitchy, but took me over an hour to fix the problem  It should be perfect now…so if you were not able to watch it without going…oh, this is nice… well…its fixed!!! Craziness!  Who knows what happened…probably my doings…LOL  So now kick back and take a peek…. 

Merry Christmas !!!!! 

Here is a fun little video I create for you.  I know its a tad late, but its still super fun to make!  I did a little hunting for the seaglass pieces on Etsy and the place I typically order from does not have them available.  Since I am also a designer for the company who makes these, I am just going to order them myself and put them up on my site…  If you want to make this fun tree, just give me a shout if you need the seaglass pieces. I will also update the blog post when I have them listed on my website…


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