Its been way to long since I have written. I had these great ideas and plans, but life can get in the way! So, I am here sitting in my nice quiet home gathering up my thoughts and putting some new project ideas in my mind for next year. Hubby had lost his job about a month ago, so he had a mini vacation is what we call it. Sitting on his behind playing his games..LOL But he did get some things done around the house as long as I cracked the whip…HAHAHA. Today he is working again, but its a temporary job which he is at high risk for getting the “germs”. But we are hopeful that with all the PPE protocols that are in place will keep him and the others safe.

Our youngest just purchased his first home, and boy what a challenge that has been. I think the inspectors received a kickback of some kind because there is so much wrong with that house, I am amazed at what is acceptable. Bad wiring, broken garage door, dry rot in some spots, a broken gate…and there is still a possibility that the fence posts were just dropped in the ground…still need to check further on that….yes, that all passed the inspection. Hubby has been helping our son during his vacation time/no job…and has been working of repairing these issues.. Hubby is a Navy trained electrician so that helps! But overall the house seems to be ok, its just the pile of little things that can become bigger things…and I do hope the little things stay that way~

Our oldest passed his bar exam in Portland and hopefully will find a job locally. In the meantime he is still working out of Maryland via at home. He is safe and healthy and is staying warm…  His hair is long though…and its just like mine!  Hehehe…so he has the lovely locks sprouting from the top of his head!

So that is my little update on our life here in NorCal. No more fires for now, just cold crisp air and people shopping as if there is no pandemic. We are supposed to be on a lock down in our county, we all got the call. But I get it…we all need to feel like life is normal. I have discovered instacart…my new best friend!!! I paint, and watch stuff on Netflix. Do a little marco polo with my sisters and talk on the phone with my parents and friends… and facetime my brother. Oh and of course talk with our boys though hangouts. I am considered an essential worker, so I do go to my job on a daily basis.  Ohh…and the fun news about my job!!!!  I get to learn 3D printing…Oh yeah!!!  I am excited to dig in… As you may not know, I work in Special Education, with assistive technology. This is a fantastic opportunity for our department to create adaptive materials for our student population.

Merry Christmas my friends!  Stay safe!

With Love,

Wife, Sister, Mother, Friend, Artist, Creative, and an Assistive Technology Assistant!!! What the heck is that you say? I run an office where we have 2 awesome ATS who assist students with disabilities and we help give them a voice and an education!

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