Drifting (Together)

hands covered in paint animation

After I painted this awesome painting… I thought it would be fun to take pictures of my hands… you know you have seen pictures on Instagram like this and its kind of fun right????  I did this once before, but this time I had hubby take pictures for me…  Today, she shows me this animation that my old ipad had done automatically and I thought…dang..thats cute!  So I did a tiny bit of photo-shopping…  just cropped the image and changed the speed up a tad…and viola!   It was a bit challenging for hubby to take the pics since my hair was in the way…silly boy also took a photo of the back of my head..  I am not sharing that photo…not that it looks bad or anything..it was just silly!

blues and gold acrylic painting on 12x12 canvas
Drifiting by Christina Miles

This is the final painting.  I mixed my own blue, added black gold white and champagne colored paints.  Lots of paint, drizzled, sprayed and scraped.  The final addition was the foiling on the top…so pretty in person.  The papers I created above, were scanned and enhanced in Photoshop.  I tried my best in the final image …t get the colors the most accurate to the actual painting. 

I have 2 monitors, so when I work with Photoshop, I get 2 different looks because one monitor is a warmer color and the other monitor I think is more true (this is the one I work on the most), but its so hard to tell…   So I do hope what you see is what I see.  The more vibrant colors, the richness of the gold, the deep blue…  Even with the warmer colored monitor, I think they colors are nice, just not as bright and rich… Next time I decide to by a monitor, I will make sure to get 2 of the same brands…LOL… 


These are what I have: Quick Comparison

Acer – its maybe 2 years old, possibly 3.not as white, its the warmer colored screen…the color adjustments are limited, you can not adjust the hue, just brightness, so I can not change it to match the other monitor

Samsung – its about 1 year old, possibly 2. this one has a curved screen and the colors are beautiful. Its a little harder to find the monitor adjustment, but once you know where its at…its fairly easy to work with..

Ok, that’s it for now my friends…

Hope you are having a fun and playful day…  Its actually raining right now where I live…2 days ago it was 103 degrees and the day before that it was 107..weird weather!!! 

Stay safe!!!

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