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Stratis Tempore is a beautiful rendition of time passing as we all go through this years ups and downs. 

As I sat back and pondered time passing I was motivated to translate my thoughts and ideas onto a canvas. The layers begin to lay down like the event that have passed in time.  Each moment, a day, weeks, months, and even years have passed by. 
Join me in your expression of time on your very own canvas. Create your one of a kind art piece to share with those you have spent time with on your journey through time. 
All student levels are encouraged to participate . Each and everyone of us has an artistic ability dwelling within use some may have just not allowed the talents to develop and escape onto an artist medium. So I encourage you to explore and expand your journey in time while developing exciting art techniques. Come join me as I guide  you to explore the artist inside you.

Supply List

Always read this section first.  You can pick and choose your own colors and products.  You dont need to purchase all the materials I have listed below, they are more of a guide!  Use what you already have on hand, as it makes your creation more true to creative yourself. This is YOUR artistic journey.

12×20 canvas

Golden Fluid Acrylics

  • Raw Umber – any brand
  • Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents – Champagne
  • I bought mine at Lowes, about the same price as Amazon. Its super thick and creamy and I really love this paint and color!
  • Liquitex – Aqua Green
  • BoBunny Bronze Glimmer Spray
  • FYI, this spray is hard to find, I found it on Piece Craft Love website. I may have bought this at Tuesday Morning.
  • Handmade stencil using hot glue – make your own style
  • Gold Foil Flakes – any brand
  • Foil Adhesive
  • Stiff Bristle brush for removing the excess foil – Stencil brushes work great! And a soft mop brush to remove from the surface – optional
  • Stencil with tiny squares – Mini Cubist
  • Floetrol – I buy mine normally at Lowes, and I have found it to be a little cheaper than Amazon.
  • Compressed air – or you can use a straw
  • Small paper cups
  • Round sponge or makeup sponge
  • Spray bottle
  • Scraper of some kind. I used a rubber paintbrush.
  • Scotch Tape
  • Matte or semi gloss liquid acrylic sealer. Your preference.
  • Large number/letter Stamp or stencil – 1 ¾ inches tall (or hand paint numbers)

About the Brass Wire

Raw Brass wire – I prefer to work with raw wire as it patinas nicely over time, is typically soft and is fairly easy to work with.  If you use Jewelry wire, it may be coated and need to be sanded before you use it. It also comes with different levels of hardness which I explain below.  The brass has 2 colors, yellow brass and red brass.  I am not sure which color I used since I did not purchase the wire.  But I think it’s the red brass. You can always use copper wire in its place.

Here is what you will need: 

    • 20 or 18 gauge wire – about 3 to 4 feet
    • 24 (Yellow) or 28 ( Red) gauge wire – about 10 ft
    • Ball pein hammer
    • Flush cutter – prices range, buy what you are comfortable with. Expensive is not always better 😊
    • Steel block – you need a very hard surface to hammer the wire on.
    • Flat nose pliers – Jewelry pliers preferable. No teeth type pliers since they can mar your wire
    • Nylon Pliers – a must have for jewelry designers and artists…LOVE this tool! These are optional for this project, but nice to have in your arsenal!
    • Steel wool – optional, use if you are buying wire that is coated and sand to remove the coating.
    • Needle for poking holes, or just use the wire to poke the holes.


NOTE: You can probably find these materials at Harbor Freight.  This is my go-to store for in expensive yet not too bad quality of tools. I bought $4.00 flush cutters from here and have not had too many issues.  The tips can break and chip, but they produce nice clean cuts and are sharp and strong enough to cut most of the wire I use for my jewelry projects and art projects. Do not use these for hard wire!


There are different metal Hardness when it comes to jewelry making.  Although this is not a jewelry class, you can read this article on Rio Grande which helps you to understand the wires a little more.

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