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Orphan is a very unique creation that I came up with after pulling an Archetype card. I had no idea this was going to happen as once I began to put it together.  Things just started making so much sense as I went along the process. 

This project is a hunter- gatherer type of painting.  Go on a little hunt in your art/craft room and around the house.  Gather up all the little findings and put them in a container of sorts.  I love unique bowls or cups.  When my mother in law passed away a couple of years ago, hubby and I went to her house to join his sisters.  We were packing up stuff in boxes and came across this awesome bowl.  Neither of the sisters wanted it so I was gifted this beautiful brass hammered bowl.  It now sits in my art/craft room so I can have it ready at all times to put all my little findings in it when I am in that hunter-gatherer mode.  You never know what the little pieces can transform your art piece into!  It can be quite magical!!!

You will learn to paint using the Genuine paints by Daniel Smith, a couple of embroidery stitches including the raised cross stitch and a leaf stitch one using wire and the other using fiber. Fun, a tiny challenging if you have never done any cross stitching before.  But I do show you step by step.

Finished project is 5×7.  You will be using either regular watercolor paper or a blank watercolor card.  I used an 8×10 double matt, inside 5×7. 

This is a fun tutorial I created for you on how to make your own needle punch.  You can use any type of needle and your scrap polymer clays are perfect for a fun handle! Enjoy!

I created these different color schemes in Photoshop using Topaz plug in.  You can read my musings post HERE.  I also created a quick video on YOUTUBE to show you how cool this plug in is.  To make the color swatches below the image, I used DROP app on my iPad. They have recently updated this app and its even better.  I did pay for the app, but its a small fee for such a great idea and fast way to create the swatches.

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Although I am not one who spends much time on Social media, I do have some sites that you can find me.


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Use hashtags #wingsnscales #Iamameraidgraphics to share any of your art created from projects you have learned here.  🙂  Would love to see them!!!

Much appreciated!


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