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Skill Level: Some skills to Advanced

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Over 5 1/2  hours of instruction

Downloadable videos and PDF supplies and materials list


Techniques:  some acrylic painting, beadwork, wirework, creating textured papers, assemblage 


Please read about our Frequently Asked Questions  Below

Orphan Archetype…WOW!!!, what an adventure I had putting this piece together. I have created many pieces and this one is by far my favorite!!!  So much is put into this one piece. 
Expect to take a couple of days from start to finish.  One thing you can do before you begin this process, is to have all your colors picked out first. I have some sample images I created with color swatches in case you get stumped.  🙂  You will find these in the intro lesson.
Are you looking to discover a whole new side of yourself and unleash your creativity like never before? Then look no further than my exciting and informative class where I will be your personal guide every step of the way. By joining my class, you will not only learn the latest and greatest techniques for creating textured papers, intricate washes, delicate stitching, sparkling beadwork, and so much more but you will also expand your horizons into a whole new world of endless possibilities!

Whether you are a beginner or an expert artist, this is the perfect challenge for you. I am here to offer you my expert knowledge, step-by-step instructions, and close-up images that will give you the confidence you need to master these techniques and elevate your skills to the next level.

Don’t let your fears hold you back any longer; take the leap and join me on this thrilling journey of exploration and creation! Together, let us unleash your inner artist and create something truly beautiful that will leave you feeling accomplished and inspired.

Meaning of The Orphan Archetype

The orphan archetype refers to a recurring pattern or symbol found in literature, mythology, and psychology.

It is the personification of a character who experiences separation or deprivation from a parent, family, or community. The orphan archetype can represent feelings of isolation, vulnerability, and the search for personal identity.

Additionally, it can also signify resilience, resourcefulness, and the capacity for growth. The archetype has been identified in various cultures and might be interpreted differently according to the specific context and perspective.

It has been explored as part of different psychological theories, such as analytical psychology and archetypal psychology, to understand the human psyche and the ways in which it shapes behavior, perception, and communication.


What techniques will I learn in this course?

This is a big project and has many techniques.  You will learn how to make your own textures, and paint onto paper to tear up later. You will be doing some stencil, hand painting, dry brushing, assembly with wire, beads, found objects and more!

Will I need special equipment?

No special equipment is needed.   A heat guns is a plus or use a blow dryer.

Where can I buy my ssupplies?

I provide a downloadable supply list with links to where I typically purchase my own supplies.  Many times, Amazon has what I need. I do my best to keep your cost down as I know art supplies can be costly.

About how long will it take me to complete this project?

This is an intense project with many layers.  It took me about 2 days to complete this project.  Some steps need time to dry and those can take up to one day.  Take your time with this painting.  Its one that I truely felt connected with and plan on making more like this.

Is there anything else you teach in this course?

I do show you close ups of making certain stiches by hand. You will also do some stapling which I just love the effect from doing this.

What if I get stuck and need some help?

I am here to help you with any issues you may come across. I do have a day job so certain times of the day I may not be able to assist you right away but I will do my best to respond as quickly as I can. You can contact me by email anytime.

 I can also help you through Zoom in real time if needed.

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