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About This Course

Loving Tree I Am is a two part course.


Section one – is actually part of a collaboration with Larissa Russel from Creative U – A Year In Color.  You learn how to paint this beautiful watercolor and create a simple Zine. This section has only one video, but it is over an hour long. I may eventually break it down, but for now this is what I have.  🙂

After I finished the painting with you,  my mind went into a different direction as to how this piece could be made into a little more fun!

Section two – you will be making a blank book/journal from the same painting.  I show you how to add extra colors, using color pencils and pan pastel. Then you embellish it with wire, fiber and textured paint. You learn a very simple book binding technique to finish your book. This section is broke up into parts so you get a better point of view.

Skills needed: watercolor painting, embroidery, wire-working skills are a plus!

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Over 3 hours of instruction

Downloadable videos and PDF supplies and materials list


Techniques:  watercolor, embroidery, wirework

Please read about our Frequently Asked Questions which applies to all our courses.  Click on image below

Loving Tree I Am
ZINE - basic painting scanned and turned into a Zine
Same original painting, embellished and turned into a book/journal

What techniques will I learn in this course?

This is a watercolor project.  I show you the basics with using watercolor paints.  The second part of the project, I show how to stitch on paper including french knots and straight stitching by hand.

Will I need special equipment?

You will need a sewing maching or you can hand stitch together the entire piece.  A scanner is preferred, but you can use your camera to take a clear photo with a little extra skills.  A printer is also needed to print the Zine.  Camera, Printer, Scanner are all optional if you do not wish to make the zine.

Where can I buy my supplies?

I provide a downloadable supply list with links to where I typically purchase my own supplies.  Many times, Amazon has what I need. I do my best to keep your cost down as I know art supplies can be costly.

About how long will it take me to complete this project?

With any project, time varies on you and where you live. I live in California and paints dry super fast.  Typical time, I would say this project can take 1 to 2 days.  When I work on projects like this, I can be done in about 4 hours.  But again, it depends on your skills, location, and how fast you like to work.

Is there anything else you teach in this course?

I do show you close ups of making certain stiches by hand.

What if I get stuck and need some help?

I am here to help you with any issues you may come across. I do have a day job so certain times of the day I may not be able to assist you right away but I will do my best to respond as quickly as I can. You can contact me by email anytime.

 I can also help you through Zoom in real time if needed.