LRT – Intro To Lizzy – Reconstructed Thoughts

I was on a mission one day deciding that I needed to create something fun and different.  I had a theme, the rainbow.  Once I had the idea in my mind, I got to work!  I had just purchased these great bingo daubers and knew it would be part of this creation.  I gathered up my papers and paints and had them nicely organized for this adventure!

With all my online classes, I highly recommend reviewing each lesson before you start.

Take your time, set up your workspace and have plenty of drinking water. I strongly suggest having a heat gun handy and lots of rags.  

You do not need to buy everything listed for this project, but I do feel purchasing the metallic daubers would be so fun to add to any project you make in the future. 

You can take a peek at the Gifties section and watch the bingo dauber videos I created to get a little idea of how you can use them. PS…This is a members only section.

Below are the two variants of Lizzy.  The one on the right is my second piece and you can see how awesome she turned out!  I think if I had to create this design all over again, I would go with Wonder Woman… she is AMAZING!

Lizzy - Reconstructed Thoughts
Photo of Lizzy Twin - Wonder Woman
Sister - Wonder Woman
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