Home-made Encaustic Wax Medium

There are so many videos out there today on how to do this and how to do that and how to make your own encaustic wax medium.  I put this together as an added bonus to go along with any of my encaustic wax classes.  I have found used both hand made encaustic wax and purchased encaustic wax.  They are both really nice to use. But if you are like me, you want to explore just a tad more..and why the heck not!!!  We can be chemists too!  Its very much the same as painting.  Mix this color with that and you get this!  Same for wax. You buy some ground pure pigments, add a dash of this and a dash of that…poof! New awesome color…and you get to keep it…you can claim it as your own. Just remember to document every thing you do… I am one of those who mixes this and that…my cakes and cupcakes can be amazing….but ask me to make it again…UHH… yea sure…  I know what I added, but how much? your guess is as good as mine.  So, I have learned to document..document document!!! take pics if you have to …anything that helps you to remember what you did.  We may think we have the best brain in the world..our retention is AWESOME…until you are ask to do it again…  So, yea…WRITE IT ALL DOWN…  it doesnt take but a few extra steps… Video is my go to!  You can always delete it after you write everything down that you need…

So, as you create your own mixes of anything…always document it!

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I love learning about the who what where when and how about anything that peeks my interest such as Encaustic Wax.  Who were the pioneers in creating this technique and style and medium!  How old is this technique. Where did that person (s) live, what was their life like back then?  Stuff like that always fascinates me.  So I did a little digging and you know wiki always has such great information, but so do other mind like people.   I am sharing with you the links to all of that information for you to explore on your own.

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