gows – Supply List

Supplies needed to create this project by Lesson:

Preparing the Wood

  • Gesso
  • 2-inch chip brush
  • scrap paper
  • corrugated paper
  • old cereal box

Inking and Gesso

  • Gloves
  • 2-inch chip brush
  • Gesso
  • Large round brush (stencil brush) to pounce with
  • Make-up sponge
  • Copic Various Ink – Pecan, Slate, and Apricot ( I bought these from Dick Blick) you can use other alcohol inks of your choice
  • Copic Various Ink Colorless Blender or rubbing alcohol – 91%

Under Layer

  • Copic Various Inks – Pecan and Slate
  • Copic Various Inks Colorless Blender
  • small rags
  • 2 small cups

Cutting the Wire

  • 2 each – copper wire – 1-foot lengths or longer – 22 ga, 20 ga, 18 or 16 ga   
  • flush cutters, or old wire cutters
  • anvil or metal surface to hammer on
  • hammer or/and textured hammer
  • goggles
  • leather gloves

Wax It Up

  • Encaustic wax
  • hot plate or electric skillet
  • 2-inch bristle brush
  • 2 – 1-inch bristle brush
  • heat gun (not a blow dryer)
  • titanium white encaustic wax
  • ultramarine blue encaustic wax

Additional items you will need:

  • Pan Pastels – Payne’s Gray and Raw Umber
  • make up sponges
  • dried flowers

All extra images can be downloaded in the lesson’s pages.  I didn’t think you would want duplicates.

You may want to skim through the videos to get the basic ideas of what you will be learning, then consider purchasing any items you may need. 

I hope you have enjoyed this lesson and continue to explore working with Encaustic wax.  It has become one of my favorite mediums to work with over the past couple of years…

Thank you for taking this class…

Many hugs,




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