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Welcome to Flamingo Moon Dance.  This is a super fun project that I hope you enjoy as much as I had when I painted it. Take a look around each lesson to get a feel for what you are about to encounter.  Gather up your materials and your imagination and enjoy!!!

I added a little something fun to each lesson.  At the bottom of each page I have added a poem about a flamingo or two.  These poems are by young poets and I thought would be fun to read their short stories… Perhaps they will even give you a little inspiration to your creation!

As with any of my designs, you can make this your own with a few simple changes, like the paper used, or the colors you choose.  You will be doing some doodling, and simple paint strokes to paint the flamingos.  Some collage and slip slap painting is always so much fun to do.  This piece is best sealed with 3 layers of resin, but if you choose not to, that will be just fine.  A high gloss sealer will work nicely too!

I look forward to seeing your finished pieces and your adventure.  Please dont hesitate to contact me with anything!  It usually takes me a day or two to respond, but I am here for you!

Flamingo hugs!!!


Below is the first painting I made with the Flamingos. I finally got a decent photo.  It can be challenging to take pictures with the beautiful resin on top…but you can see how fun this painting was to make just by seeing all of the details involved.

Lets Do The Flamingo Dance


An old man sat with patience
On the bench he waited for her
He smiled sweetly on her appearance
Hand in hand they walked together.

In the garden full of greens
The lovebirds chatted with laughter
As if they were in movie scenes
The way they looked at each other.

He stroke her hair gently
Her hair clip he’d bought years ago
Still intact she placed it neatly
That is the little pink flamingo.

Pleasant breeze they enjoyed
As they continued walking
Her fragile nature shivered
In her thin floral dress clothing.

He took off his outer layer shirt
Naturally putting it on her shoulders
She joked about wearing a skirt
He thought she was full of wonders.

He recalled her bravery
She reminisced his sacrifices
They’ve come far in life’s journey
Counting their little happiness.

As I watched from a distance
I felt a pinch of sweet jealousy
Witnessing true love’s existence
Yet wishing them to stay as lovely.

by Joie Yin 

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