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About This Course

I made my son a tryptic using this technique and it turned out fantastic. I enjoyed it so much I thought it would make a great project to share with the world.  Although I did not add resin on my son’s paintings, they were still amazing with the textures and bits of glitter. 

Confetti is all about playing and letting go!  Nothing like playing with paint with your fingers.  You can chose to wear gloves…but..why?  HAHAHA..

This is a super quick painting to make, but takes some time patience for all the drying time. I use foiling in this painting but feel free to add  your bling the ole fashion way with …GLITTER…  I do suggest course glitter though if you choose to go that route.

  • Skills needed: All levels
  • Lifetime Instant Access 
  • Self-Study
  • Under 2 hours of instruction
  • Downloadable videos and PDF supplies and materials list
  • $15.00
  • Techniques:  acrylic fluid painting
Please read about our Frequently Asked Questions which applies to all our courses.  Click on image below
confetti paper 1

What techniques will I learn in this course?

This is a fun loose messy project. I cant say there is a particular technique, but more of playing with paints.  

Will I need special equipment?

You will not need anything special for this project

Where can I buy my supplies?

I provide a downloadable supply list with links to where I typically purchase my own supplies.  Many times, Amazon has what I need. I do my best to keep your cost down as I know art supplies can be costly.

About how long will it take me to complete this project?

This project should not take more than 20 minutes to paint and 30 minutes to use the resin.  Drying time is what takes the longest.  Expect 2 days or more for the project to be ready to put on the wall.

Is there anything else you teach in this course?

You will be creating your own paper with the extra paints.  You can use butcher paper or even paper bags.

What if I get stuck and need some help?

I am here to help you with any issues you may come across. I do have a day job so certain times of the day I may not be able to assist you right away but I will do my best to respond as quickly as I can. You can contact me by email anytime.

 I can also help you through Zoom in real time if needed.