Chaos Intro


This project actually consists of 3 parts.  “Chaos 1”, “Chaos 2”, and a little treat “how to patina copper tape”  I will be showing you how I create each of these 2 pieces.  Although I do not use patinaed copper tape, I thought it would be a great added part to this project.  I am a texture/detail person and I love to share as much information when I teach my classes either online or in person. 

Below are the finished pieces which really do them no justice.  You can see the textures, but to feel them is a whole different experience.  So you can now create your own tactile experience when you complete your projects…

The music used in the videos is called ” Weirder Stuff” by an unknown artist.  I try to find the most appropriate music that sets the mood of each of my classes, the title alone is perfect for CHAOS.

Both of these projects take about 2 days each to create which includes trying time.  As you go through the process, take your time, dont over think anything as they are a free style type of creation.  Very intuitive and definitely i’m-perfection perfection!


chaos 2
CHAOS 2 - Bonus
copper foil
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