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Welcome to Changing Winds Mini Series

I am so happy to welcome you here to this fun series of poppy fields filled with the mystery of a Cage Doll.  This project is inspired by one of my display pieces made from a cage doll I purchased some time ago.  It has been the centerpiece to display jewelry I create.  She has done a little traveling and has received many compliments over the years.  In fact I have had people offer to buy her, not the jewelry I was selling..LOL  But, since she is a one of a kind type of creation, I was not willing to part with her.  She has brought me joy and watches over my creations now sitting at my craft table at home.  She now holds my brushes and other little things when needed.  Many times I get inspiration from my own photographs and when I was in need of a new project, my cage doll spoke to me..  

I must tell you something though… I am going to be very honest here… I messed up on the very first project which is the RIGHT painting…yes…I somehow managed to not video the final details of creating her.  So my hope is that you forgive me…as there are 2 other projects that are full and not missing any videos…so you get all of the instruction, just not with the  “right wind” painting.  So as a peace offering, I created another cage doll painting, but in a different environment…  The Beach! instead of hanging out in a poppy field, she is hanging out at the beach…so I am calling her the SUN GODDESS Cage Doll.  

She is under the BONUS section.

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