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Chrissy and Lily

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One day,


I was in the mood to do someting a little different. I knew I wanted to do poppies and I knew I have been wanting to do a painting of my fun display of the cage doll that I bought from the Home Goods store that I just LOVE… favorite place for inspiration that is for sure! 
Once I got started, I had to keep going. Three paintings later I got it mostly out of my system. But one more came to my mind… the bonus!  I thought she would make a great painting done up on the beach.  She needed to be a woman of color, she is strong and powerful amd beautiful!

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Approx. 8 hrs of video instruction including BONUS

DOWNLOADABLE videos and PDF supplies and materials list


Skills needed: All Levels

Techniques:  acrylic painting and decoupage


Please read about our Frequently Asked Questions below

Changing Winds is a pictorial story about an elegant statuesque cage doll. She sits upon the California hilltops looking down upon many fields full of enchanting beautiful poppies.

The story has it that with the changing winds, her point of view changes as well.

When the gentle breeze sways to the left, her hair flows elegantly with a few strikingly beautiful butterflies fluttering around her.

To the right, she shares the view of a playfully fun tree with a swing gently sways in the wind.

When there’s very little breeze, she stands proudly centered surrounded by poppies, lupins, and a sturdy tree. The tree hosts an exciting tire swing that awaits the next guest to take a whirl.

As the sun shines brightly there are little puffs of dandelions dancing like magical snowflakes in the air.

Paper is texturized, painted with acrylic paints. We use stencils, copper tape, sponge painting and copper foiling.  Lots of different ways these can be created.  I provide step by step instructions.

What techniques will I learn in this course?

These paintings are mainly using acrylic paints.  I show you how to add paper fiber as part of the substrate. You will also do decoupage and how to add foil to create the wowness of these paintings.

Will I need special equipment?

No special equipment is needed to create these paintings

Where can I buy my supplies?

I provide a downloadable supply list with links to where I typically purchase my own supplies.  Many times, Amazon has what I need. I do my best to keep your cost down as I know art supplies can be costly.

About how long will it take me to complete this project?

Since there are 3 projects to this course, I found it best to work on each piece at the same time to keep the flow of the design being the same. Each layer takes about an hour to paint and dry.  Expect at least 2 days or longer as you work with the paintings.

Is there anything else you teach in this course?

There is a bouns design at the end with a sea goddess I hope you enjoy!

What if I get stuck and need some help?

I am here to help you with any issues you may come across. I do have a day job so certain times of the day I may not be able to assist you right away but I will do my best to respond as quickly as I can. You can contact me by email anytime.

 I can also help you through Zoom in real time if needed.

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