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Before you submit a tech ticket for a website issue, there is a quick and easy solution you can try right now!

We suggest clearing your cache and cookies on your browser. Yes, it’s that simple! This will help remove any outdated data that may be causing the problem and allow you to log in smoothly. You’ll be in in no time! My website has been revamped a bit from March to right now and you may not have the most current links.

Don’t be discouraged if the problem persists. My Tech Guy has been a great help and he is quick to respond. We will work with you promptly to resolve any further issues.

To make things even easier, we have provided helpful links for clearing your browser’s cache for Chrome, Firefox/Mozilla, Safari, and Microsoft Edge

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

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Are you having problems with your account or classroom purchase?

Missing classes under your account or a problem with your purchase? Not to worry! Sometimes this is caused by different email addresses used at the time of purchase.

I also had a mishap and many accounts were removed by accident.  That issue has been resolved and this wont happen again.  You may need to create a new account if you are unable to log in. We can work on this together so yoiu will regain access to your classes.

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