Wife, Sister, Mother, Friend, Artist, Creative, and an Assistive Technology Assistant!!! What the heck is that you say? I run an office where we have 2 awesome ATS who assist students with disabilities and we help give them a voice and an education!

  • Lizzy Reconstructed Thoughts
    Imperfection Perfection

    Lizzy – Reconstructed Thoughts

    Looks whats coming soon to Imperfection Perfection classes! Yes, she is awesome, she is fun, she looks like Frankenstein’s wife, but she is NOT! LOL.. Lizzy is super fun to make. She is a mixed media class, with 10 videos of creating pleasure! I had such a blast putting her together. You will see some of my mistakes…and yes, I call them mistakes even though there are no mistakes right? As I put her together, she took on a different look than what I had in my mind. Typically when I have an idea, there are two ways that I will process it. One, I will sketch it out, Two..…

  • Create Mess Clean Up Create
    2019,  Imperfection Perfection

    Create~Mess~Clean up~Create

    Have you ever been so messy that every room you have that you use for art is so cluttered that you done know where things are anymore? And its not that you are being messy, its that you have been so busy creating and you get so excited that you use this and that…and it gets left on the table…or left in a spot that is not in its assigned spot. I am actually laughing at myself right now thinking about assigned spots. I have 2 rooms I work out of. Yes, I am fortunate to have that option in my house. I have the “craft room” and our youngest…

  • Original Artwork My Monet
    2019,  Imperfection Perfection

    My Monet

    This painting kind of made itself. I created an acrylic pour with not thought in mind. Just wanted to have a little fun and relaxation. After it dried, I thought..wow…this is really pretty! I was doing some exploring online like I tend to do from time to time…and this painting of Monet showed up…and that’s when I knew what I was going to do with this painting. So I got to work…painted the flowers put in some grassy stuff. Then I decided to put resin on it. The first layer looked a little boring to me, so I added more umph to the flowers, added some shading, put in some…