Wife, Sister, Mother, Friend, Artist, Creative, and an Assistive Technology Assistant!!! What the heck is that you say? I run an office where we have 2 awesome ATS who assist students with disabilities and we help give them a voice and an education!

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    Your guide to using the Art Bundle for good

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    A Year In Color

    Thank you again Larissa for asking me to participate in one of your AMAZING adventures!! I am excited to let you know that Creative U is opening the doors again to A Year in Color, 52 weeks of creativity, inspiration, and color.  I am one of the presenters for A Year in Color and I want to invite you to the sampler running January 20-24. Free sessions with myself and other amazing creatives. If you registered for the September Sampler you are already registered for the January Sampler. See the full list of Presenters Register Today for FREE access You get free access for a limited time, If you want…

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    Orphan – Color vs Light

    Please read this first before you watch the video. It will give you a better understanding as to how I came up with this design and how I recreated the original photo. I read this great article about Color vs Light and it made me think about us Artisans.  How we can see color and light in our minds and recreate them on a surface.  But there are times when we get stumped, I know I do.  So what do you do when you find a picture that you really like, but the colors are all off and the lighting is not that great?  Many times we know what we…

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    Well, I had a little technical issue the other day and had to reset my website…sorry for any inconvenience that caused you.  In that process I lost this page.  So I thought I would try to duplicate what I wrote…but…ya no…because I dont remember exactly what I wrote..HEHEHE  With that said, lets try again.  Below is the full list of all the fantastic artists participating in this bundle of joy!  I am so excited to be on round 3 and am very THANKFUL to John Bardos for asking me to participate once again.  Take a peek at #48!  YUP..thats me..  Bona Dea is a beautiful painting that I had such…

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    WHAT? not again!

    Ok, so it happened again!  Time has passed by so fast and I just realized its been MONTHS since I posted here.  So lets do some catching. I am currently typing with one finger on my right hand and this is a bit awkward!  More on this…lol My nephew and neice welcomed their awesome little bundle of joy into this crazy messed up world earlier this year… Little Carter! my mom got really sick from her covid shot but is doing really well now.  A couple of my nephews got Covid and another niece, but all have recovered.  PHEW! hubby and I both received our vaccines and are doing well.…