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Art Bundle Giveaway: Enter to Win Over $4000 of Art Resources

Come join me, see what is going on with this amazing bundle of fun. I am number 59, Flamingo Moon Dance!

Want a chance to win 98 art courses and resources? Three lucky winners will have a chance to win the entire Art Bundle for Good #4 including $4000 worth of art-related courses, workbooks and other great resources. It doesn’t cost anything to enter, so don’t miss out. The Art Bundle Giveaway only lasts for 7 days, starting today! The more you share, the more chances you have to win.


Art Bundle #4 is Coming!

Art Bundle of Good #4 is coming on November 14th. This is an brand new Art Bundle for Good with courses by all your favorite artists and many new ones as well. There are over 65 artists contributing this year!

The best part is that 25% of the profits are going to support Courageous Kitchen, a Bangkok based charity helping refugees. 

Visit the website to enter the Art Giveaway. Three lucky people will win the entire bundle of art resources!


Good luck with the Art Giveaway!

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