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Hi there!  Welcome to my world of creativity!

Looks like you are wanting to get some play time on!  Please take a look around to see if there is anything that inspires you. If you are interested in just the Gifties, you will need to subscribe to the website. 

Although there are not many classes yet here, I do have a few in the makings and hope to have them completed soon. 

My style is… “i’m perfection perfection” which to me means, it may look imperfect yet it is perfect.  I am a freestyle type of designer where I add a little of this and a little of that, just like my cooking LOL. 

As a creative, I believe we think in layers, and those layers need to come out and express themselves either on a canvas or on paper… I am an explorer you might say as I like to expand my boundaries, let’s see if this will work..Hmm…nope…or oh yeah!!! Kind of like a “mad scientist” would do, and in my kitchen!  Cooking and Painting have similarities, so think about what you want on your next plate!  Same boring food? or something exotic and beautiful!

There are not many classes listed yet, but please know I am working on them as I type this little blurp!

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“Please let me say how much I loved your videos… you are humorous, but clearly explain everything! I’ll be sure to share my flamingo dance!” Cecile

May you have peace, love and happiness in all your creations!

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