Aerwyna Portrait
2020,  Inner Child Art Dolls



“I just finally opened my package!!!


Shes so beautiful!!!
I’m Obsessed!!!
Thank you so much!!!”
Aerwyna Portrait

This is another one of my super fun Inner Child Art Dolls.  She was a special request by Krizzie (her 3rd doll, so awesome!). What I so love about making special request dolls, is what people ask me to do, such as making antlers.  I have not made antlers before and I had to think of what I would make them with.  Do I make them with clay or wood, or what?  Since most of my dolls and other art pieces have copper of some kind in them, I decided to twist up a bunch of copper wire. Wow…what fun these were to create.  I had to hunt for images of some nice looking antlers that would fit the dolls style.  Krizi had ask for pink and lavender, later she added the antlers, oh and she also wanted a butterfly and curly hair.  I had this beautiful hair I got from Etsy, Stellas Farm, where she has some amazing doll hair…anyway, as you see, she is quite lovely.  What you don’t see in the pictures are her elf ears…you get a glimpse on the first photo…

Thank you Krizzie for allowing me to create a special doll just for you! 

If you ever wish to have one of these lovelies created just for you, please sent me a note..

Aerwyna Inner Child Art Doll
Inner Child Art Doll
Aerwyna Inner Child Art Doll
Aerwyna Inner Child Art Doll

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