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Thank you again Larissa for asking me to participate in one of your AMAZING adventures!!

I am excited to let you know that Creative U is opening the doors again to A Year in Color, 52 weeks of creativity, inspiration, and color. 

I am one of the presenters for A Year in Color and I want to invite you to the sampler running January 20-24. Free sessions with myself and other amazing creatives. If you registered for the September Sampler you are already registered for the January Sampler.

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If you want unlimited access, a full year, 52 weeks of content, and creativity you can have that and save 15% until the 25th, and they now have payment plans available if you were wavering about the cost

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Loving Tree

I am a huge fan of trees, living or not living.  They have such  beauty of their own accord.  Each so different, many very old, many very new, all connected to keep our planet alive.  They are the all-loving gift to us that we often take advantage of. This tree is a little tribute to them as they often get overlooked. While painting this tree, I suggest listening to some quiet music and visualize every branch, every leaf, every root you create. It can be quite magical!

Loving Tree Close Up
Loving Tree Close Up
Loving Tree Close Up
Loving Tree Close Up
Loving Tree Close Up
Loving Tree Close Up

This painting was created with my new Artisan watercolors. I also used a few other fun colors and what you cant see in this images is the gold foiling.  Once you paint this tree and add the awesome foil, it makes a world of difference!

  I am currently working on putting sets together.  There are 4 colors in this set including:

  • Heaven
  • Eucalyptus
  • Black Forest
  • Cranberry

Would LOVE to have you join me on this adventure.


Wife, Sister, Mother, Friend, Artist, Creative, and an Assistive Technology Assistant!!! What the heck is that you say? I run an office where we have 2 awesome ATS who assist students with disabilities and we help give them a voice and an education!

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